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Originally Posted by HedgieIsabella
no matter what anyone tells you, please do not place hedgehogs of very different ages in the same living space, i feel like this could have been avoided if it wasn't for my stupid mistake. Kaila is only 5 months old today, Isabella was 4.
please learn from my experience, i would never want this to happen again.
I've placed younger and older hedgehogs together and they've successfully cohabitated their entire lives. I've paired giant economy size girls with tiny girls and they've been best friends. Size and age are irrelevant. Your situation happened because one hedgehog couldn't get away from the other. Whether there were signs that you ignored or missed is something we'll never know. Your lack of experience may play into too. But to broadcast a "warning" about something that isn't true is, IMHO, reckless.

Every female pairing that I've done has worked but there are females that I'd never try to pair up. And every single one was a rescue or a rehome, most with unknown backgrounds and some with no known history.

When pairing females there have to be two hides, two sleeping places, two food bowls, two water bowls, etc. AND there should be much observation. Both hedgehogs should have places to escape harrassment and I make sure there are two wheels. Eventually you can cut down on food bowls and water bowls but you will always need two places for them to sleep in case they have a falling out. They also need a large enough cage so that they can have their own space if they need it.

I feel bad for the hedgehog who is going to be rehomed through no fault of her own but hopefully she'll go to a decent home that understands she's a hedgehog, not a tiny human in quill coat.
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