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Default hi food and heating question

hi i have had my hedgehog for about 4 months, he still pops and hisses at me but not as much, i didn't want to stress her to much so i haven't given her a bath yet and have yet been able to cut his nails but they really need cutting what would be best

when i got my hedge i got a book but it wasn't that good, i have recently got the Internet and found this site witch is brill its just im not sure if i have seen anyone feed the food that i am feeding, it was the food that she was all ready on but its so hard to tell how much she is eating as it never gets cleared but i like to put in fresh she has got bigger and seems healthy but this is my first hedgehog so im not sure what to do
the food is bogena universal food
it is a complete food based upon grond seeds, wild berries dried insects and fresh water shrimps, insectivorous birds may enjoy additional mealworms and fruit can always be added if desired thats on the box
i have heard of hedgehog rescue using this and cat food mix but apart from that i don't no
any help would be great

plus it has small berry seed looking things that she doesn't eat witch by what iv'e read is a good thing how would i begin to change the food as it is so different

i have her in a indoor rabbit cage with a wheel a hidy and food, water bowl i also but in a plastic cat ball in there with a bell in it but have notice there are bite marks on it is it ok for her to nibble it
i was wondering what the best way to keep her cage warm as the heating is not often on and its getting warmer so i don't want her to get to hot but i don't want her to get cold
plus she doesn't seem to be using her wheel that much (on a hot day in the evening the wheel seems to be messier so i think she needs to have a bit more heat plus when the weather gets colder what should i use

sorry for the long questions but im not to good at explaining
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