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Default Re: Hedgie sneezing, I'm not sure what to do

Originally Posted by Seasponges
Hey everyone, just joined this site today and I'm in need of urgent help. I got my hedgie on Friday and today she woke up sneezing and what not. I hope she doesn't have a URI I've only had her for 4 days I'm really worried about her and was hoping you guys could provide some insight and help me out
Info I left out in the original, the hedgehog is about 3 months old, owned for about 4 days, the temperature is 74 degrees, lighting provided from 8 a.m. til about 10 p.m.
Poop is normal a bit green.
Nose, she is sneezing, it's wet, and she's been sneezing all day.
Breathing is normal, could be slow with the sneezing.
Eating and exercising normally.
Skin scratching is occasionally.
No vomiting.
Normal activity.
and no meds.
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