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Default Runny nose/licking nose

Hi all,

I am a new hedgehog mommy, and I am admittedly a little paranoid. My hedgie, Thisbe, is 6 1/2 weeks old, I just brought her home this past Thursday. I am concerned because I noticed today that she has licking her nose. Her nose has been wet since she's been home, but not dripping, and when I asked the breeder about this she said it was normal. But the licking makes me think she may be sick. Additionally, she constantly makes noise. While I've read that huffing is normal, she's constantly chattering which doesn't bother me as long as its normal even when she sleeps [snoring?]. I called the vet today, but he isn't in.

6 1/2 weeks old, have not weighed her yet
poop appears to be normal, and she's been eating but not a ton.
pine bedding, cage 2'X4'
no goop around the eyes
room kept about 75-78 degrees

Please let me know if this seems normal, or if I need to find an alternative vet ASAP.

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