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Default Re: just wondering about water bottles or water dishes?

There are numerous reasons.

Hedgehogs necks do not articulate the way a rodents does so drinking from a bottle is an unnatural position for them. Most people who have switched from bottles to bowls have found their hedgehogs drank far more from a bowl than the bottle.

Hedgehogs can break their teeth on the spout as they bite at it trying to get the water. Hedgehog teeth once broken, do not regrow.

There have also been cases of hedgehogs getting their tongues caught between the side of the spout and the ball, which usually resulted in euthanasia because of the damage done to their tongue.

Often people who use bottles don't replace the water daily and fresh water needs to be given daily.

Bottle are much harder to properly clean than bowls. To properly clean a bottle, it should be cleaned out using a bottle brush, as well as a brush in the spout.
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