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Default Re: Just got a neglected hedgehog.

Originally Posted by norvald1
Thanks i will start looking into all of this. as of now she has a very large smooth bottom wire sided cage and is eating a hedgehog food that comes with worms in it and i was told to mix that with a little high end cat food.she also has a little hut and a heating lamp( the bulb in the lamp is weird it produces no light its a solid black bulb but lets off a radiant heat). i have also found out she loves empty toilet paper rolls.

that is exactly the kind of bulb you want. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, so you wouldn't want a heat lamp that produces light on for them at night. most hedgies won't wheel without complete darkness. (make sure also that she is getting 12-14 hours of daylight/lamp light so that she will have a proper schedule). The ideal temp for your hoggie's cage will be between 73-80 degrees. A lot of older hedgies require the warmer end of that spectrum (at 4 years old, your girl is definitely in the older category, think of her almost as a senior citizen).

Avarris has put it all brilliantly. Read lizardgirls book from cover to cover, it is invaluable!

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