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Default Re: Just got a neglected hedgehog.

Welcome to the board. Congratulations on your new baby... My suggestion is this.. Start here: Lizard Girls Book. This book has the most up to date information on hedgehog care and is FREE to download. This should answer a lot of newbie questions that you may have and can help guide you to more specific concerns about caring for your hedgie. There is a ton of information on this board, just need to take a little time to wade through the mass collection of information throughout.

A lot of folks are going to ask you a lot of pre-emptive questions, so I'll try to get those questions asked so you can help us figure out what it is you need to know.

1) What kind of cage set up are you planning on using (examples: C&C, Sterilite Tub)?
2) What are you using for her heating set up and what methods are you planning on instituting( CHE, Space heater)
2a) Do you have a thermometer and other required equipment or do you need a list of what you should have?
3)What are you feeding your new hedgie? Or do you need a guide for that? (here's one: Volcano Views Food Chart and Recommended Foods) (This is also my preferred Hedgie food Source)

I think that should give you a ton of information to start out with, and answer a lot of your general questions. As always you can ask anything you need to here. Sometimes its easier to wade through the information if you have a starting point to bounce off of.
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