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Default Re: hedgie sneezing but no other signs of uri?

If you use a scented soap, maybe try using a non-scented one to see if that's what's bothering her. You could also try taking her off aspen and just using a fleece blanket or a sheet (no holes, rips, etc.) for a temporary liner to see if that helps. Sometimes animals can develop allergies to things like wooden bedding, or maybe these shavings (if you just changed them, maybe) are dustier than usual and it's bothering her. I would go ahead and make an appointment now while you're trying those changes, just so you have it set, and if she doesn't stop sneezing after you try changing a couple things, take her in just in case. A few sneezes don't sound terribly bad, but...URIs can quickly get worse, and it's good to catch them early, so personally, I'd rather err on the cautious side.
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