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Default hedgie sneezing but no other signs of uri?

Hey guys so I know what the signs of a uri are, and I'm sorry to post, but I've looked at other posts and I'm still not sure what to do.

Fiona is two years old (almost...5 more days!). She is active around the house and in her wheel at night. She is fed 4 high quality cat foods and the occasional treat. Her bedding is aspen, but I am in the process of making her a new cage which will include fleece liners. The cage does not have heating now as her cage is always warm enough (although when it gets above 72 she seems to get to warm...she won't sleep with her blankets in her igloo and kinda just splats out on her wood chips).

Anyways, a few days ago, she sneezed twice while I had her out. But then nothing. Last night she sneezed again and seemed like she had a little stuffy nose, but only for a few minutes. Then she was breathing normal. She's still just as active and curious, her eating is normal, she is drinking normal, and her poop is fine. I watched her wheel a while last night and her breathing was normal (no sneezing or wheezing). Should I be concerned? I usually take her out after my shower...maybe she doesn't like my soap? I don't see visible mucous but it might be clear. Can't tell if she is licking her nose more than normal. Should I bring her to the vet? The earliest I can get her there is Friday =/

Rest easy little girl, may you finally be at peace <3
Mommy will always love you sweetie
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