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Having read of all your hedgies' love for their bags, I made Knarla some. She'd cram it into the corner and refuse it.

I tried fleece strips in her igloo, she chucked those out as well. Until tonight, the only thing she'd use was a single wide strip of fleece. I tried a piece of flannel last week and she wouldn't even enter her igloo. Quite snobby for a hedgehog that had no bedding or snuggly things to sleep in inside her hut, but some cedar (aaaah!) in her litter box.

Today I put an old fleece baby hat that I got off freecycle into her igloo. I thought she could just on top of or under it. Instead she goes into the igloo and squirms and and twists until she is wearing it like a hat, and then she sleeps.

There she is, after I lifted the igloo, peering out.
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