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Default Re: How long do hedgehogs take to attempt Hibernation?

How long it takes depends on many factors.

During the day when hedgie is snuggled in bed sleeping, it will take longer than if it happens over night while they are up and active. During the day, even if the lights go out, there is usually still enough light coming in from windows that most hedgehogs won't get out of bed.

How long does the house take to cool off? Some houses cool off really fast while others retain heat for quite a while. This also depends on the wind and outside temperature. Bitter cold and windy and a house is going to get cold much faster than if there is no wind.

It also depends on the individual hedgehog. Some can tolerate temperatures dropping much better than others. If the hedgehog is very temperature and light sensitive to begin with, he/she will be affected sooner than one that isn't quite as sensitive.

If there is bad weather predicted, give hedgie a mitten warmer or a snuggle safe disc before leaving the house for the day. Even if the power goes off, hedgie will be warm.

If hedgie does get cool or start to attempt hibernation, remember to NEVER put him/her in water. The sudden warmth can shock their system and also, a wet hedgie is at risk of getting cold again.
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