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Default Re: How long do hedgehogs take to attempt Hibernation?

I just posted about the power going out, this is a worry for me too. I would say try to get a battery backup that lasts a few hours. It may cost a bit of money, but it would leave the light and heater running for a couple of hours or until you got home. I'm scared about this too, especially during winter storms.

As for how long, I'll let someone who knows more answer that, but I believe it can start pretty fast. Once their body temp gets down the process begins, but it usually will take a while for it to, well, be past the fixing point. But again I'm not sure. I've heard of hedgehog owners waking up in the morning to a cold-bellied hedgehog and they survived. You just have to know exactly what to do if you come home and find an attempt in process. How to warm them up as soon as possible, which I'm sure someone will post how to, or if you search hibernation on this forum you'll find tons of articles on it.

Hope this helps
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