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Default Re: Hello from Northwest Indiana!

If getting one from a good breeder, which is going to be the best match for you, means waiting until the summer, or until you get your license to drive there on your own - honestly that would be best. Like I said before, craigslist hedgehogs are a wild card. Even if they have good temperaments, you don't know what their health history has been like, and 90% of the time all or most of the supplies that come with them you'd have to replace anyway. Unsafe wheels, low quality food, too small cages, substrate bedding (not recommended), inadequate or nonexistent heating setups, and so on. So while a hedgehog + supplies from craigslist might seem like a deal, it's really not, and in a lot of cases because of their previous situation, not being handled much, having health issues, etc, rehomes aren't a good choice for a first time hedgehog owner.

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