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Default Re: Treat List (Safe Fruits and Veggies)

Hey there!

As I said on the food list question as well, I would switch to live mealworms over dried - there's less chance of impaction or constipation problems from live ones. Friskies isn't a good brand at all, so I wouldn't offer anything from them. Friskies, Whiskas, Fancy Feast, they're all bad foods.

Don't give him raisins anymore - grapes are toxic to dogs and potentially dangerous to hedgehogs, so we don't recommend feeding either grapes or raisins, to be safe. I commented on the dried banana in the other thread as well - I'd avoid those and stick with fresh, especially if he already likes that.

Try to keep him from eating wild insects. Sometimes it can be hard, and usually the occasional accident won't cause problems, but wild insects could be exposed to pesticides, parasites, and spiders could be toxic. Hedgehogs are pretty hardy, but accidents do happen, and personally, I like to err on the safe side.

There's a thread about herbs, but I'm on the wrong computer and don't have it bookmarked here...But basically, herbs in general don't make the best treats because many of them have medicinal properties and some can have quite strong effects. The dosages for humans are pretty small for some of these herbs, so they'd be almost nothing for hedgehogs - so giving them even a little bit could be an overdose.
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