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Default Re: Hello from Northwest Indiana!

Like Sar-uh said, you can probably arrange to meet halfway with a good breeder. It usually costs extra. You can also try explaining to your parents that going some extra distance to get a baby from a good breeder is worthwhile in a few ways, including financially.

If the breeder you're looking at right now is not willing to let you go to their location/facility, to see how they have things set up, meet their hedgehogs, and meet them personally before making up your mind - then in my opinion, they should be avoided. Good breeders are transparent - they have nothing to hide. It's all out in the open, such as on their website, and anything that's not they'll answer questions about - even if it's a long long list of questions, because they know and understand that it's part of the process of making a responsible decision about where you're getting your new pet from. Choosing a breeder and finding the hedgehog that's right for you isn't something to rush, and you shouldn't go with a breeder that you're not completely, absolutely, 100% comfortable with just because it's more convenient, a shorter drive, a shorter waiting list, or anything like that.

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