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Default Severe Quill Loss

I rescued a neglected hedgehog named Penny about two weeks ago, and she seems to be settled in. I got her nails trimmed down, got a brand new cage, made her fleece liners, got her switched over to my mix of food, and got her cage setup for good health (safe,heated,wheel).
She came with long nails, very dry skin, overweight, and what I can only describe as "thinning" quills. What I mean is that I could clearly see her skin through her quills. She wasn't itching at all, and there was no one patch missing, but all over there were not enough quills. I took her to the vet and was told she doesn't have mites. I gave her two oatmeal baths and gently scrubbed off her dry skin and put some olive oil in her rinse water. I also put a little flaxseed oil in her food a few times a week. So far her skin is looking great, she hasn't had any dry skin since.
The problem is she is still losing a TON of quills. Still no one patch of missing quills, but all over missing! No dry skin, no itching.
I'm thinking I will just have to take her to the vet and ask more questions. But first I figured I would come here for some opinions while I wait to get an appointment with the vet.
I don't know her age, and her previous home thought she was a boy. She did have interactions with other male hedgehogs a few times. I have her on pregnancy watch, and put carefresh ultra in her cage (after freezing it overnight which I read about to kill mites). If this was the cause wouldn't her skin also show irritation?
Can/should I have her treated with revolution? What else would cause this? I am a little lost at this point! Any advice would be appreciated!
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