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Default Re: Treat List (Safe Fruits and Veggies)

Okay, so you just put whatever piece of food in their little container and that's it? I wasn't sure if there was a certain way to go about it haha.

I'll definitely look into the cans, and maybe I'll try gutloading some mealies and seeing if she'll eat them then..I think I might look into trying to raise some waxworms to make sure Hannibell's not getting just the junk that they feed at waxworm farms or whatever. Hopefully she'll start taking to other insects as well, I'd like for her to have more of a variety.

I just keep coming up with more questions for you, I'm sorry, lol, but here's one more, and I promise I'm done. When feeding the 'live' type of insect, say regular live worms or crickets or whatever; if one of the 'live' ones dies, is it still safe to feed it to the hedgie? (as opposed to feeding them frozen or freeze dried one), does that make any sense?
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