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Habiba's_mumma 09-01-2016 05:50 PM

This is now quite an old post but it came up when I was searching and thinking what was wrong with my little hedgehog Habiba. She is naturally quite a sleepy hog and for a while I was worried and had to wake her as I was worried she could be getting dehydrated.

What I've now discovered is bribery with fresh food, whether it's wet cat food, scrambled eggs, fruit and veg or even just freshly put down dried food... The smell will often get her interest and wake her. Obviously this only works after dark though and in a very dimly lit room. Also she seems to naturally want to be awake longer when she has more room to play. I have a zoo zone 2 which she came with but I also have a 1.4 metre doggy swimming pool which I often let her stay in for days at a time. It was initially just meant as her play area as it takes up a lot of space in my flat but she seems so much happier and more active there.

So I guess the 2 things I find encourage my Habiba to spend more time awake are fresh smells to wake her up, and sometimes a bit of a gentle disturbance to get her awake enough to smell them, and having more space to roam and play in.

I'm not sure yet if it's the novelty of a newer space but it really does make the world of difference to her activity levels.

nikki 09-04-2016 09:15 PM

Please don't bring up old threads. It is confusing for members and most of the people who have posted on old threads are no longer active members.

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