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jeffs0719 07-13-2012 10:47 AM

Question for past breeders and current ones.
I guess this is a dumb question. But, do hedgehogs you breed from babies and retain have better temperament opposed to one you would get from a fellow breeder? Or does it all depend on the certain hedgie?

Keosha 07-13-2012 11:31 AM

Re: Question for past breeders and current ones.
I'm not a breeder by any means, but in response to your question I believe it's a little of both. :) Hedgies, like people and all other animals are born with their temperament. Some naturally will be more friendly than others. Having good temperament in the parents can lead to good temperament in the babies, but it does not ensure it. Sometimes our little ones are just born a grump. :lol:
However, by being handled from such a young age, as well as spending the quality time that breeders do with the young ones this most definitely add can to better temperament. The more they are handled the more likely it is for them to have a better temperament. This is also why it is suggested to spend around 30-45 minutes of bonding time or more a night with your hedgie because they more they are handled the more likely it is for them to come around. :)

jeffs0719 07-13-2012 11:45 AM

Re: Question for past breeders and current ones.
I have two Hedgies. One that is bred from a larger scale breeder. My other hedgie Is from a small scale breeder. The temperaments of the two are night and day. This is kind of off topic but just saying. I've treated both with equal love and care. Seems like the hedgie from the smaller breeder is far more sociable. She was used to being held. My other guy when first got him was not used to being held at all. You can just tell he was maybe picked up once before just to get a picture of him. Just wanted to get this off my chest. It's disappointing when people go into breeding for the money and have no care for animals temperament.

Nancy 07-13-2012 12:08 PM

Re: Question for past breeders and current ones.
I feel a lot of personality is born with them. Certainly handling helps but some babies are shy from day one and despite lots of handling they continue to be more shy than those who are confident and outgoing from day one. Same with cuddlers and adventurers. Personality is there from birth and handling them and introducing them to lots of different situations helps, but not completely. :)

moxieberry 07-13-2012 03:40 PM

Re: Question for past breeders and current ones.
It's a combination. Some of it seems to be genetic, some of it is innate but not necessarily genetic, and some of it comes from socialization.

We haven't kept any of our own babies yet (first litter is due at the end of the month) but we actually have three generations of hedgehogs included in our herd right now. Anubis and her brother Xeno (who belongs to Nick's sister and isn't technically a VVH hedgehog), then we also ended up purchasing their grandfather (Oleander) and then their father (Datura, Oleander's son) from our mentor. Datura is a very very chill hedgehog, and it's obvious that Anubis and Xeno inherited the quality - however, they were from a litter of 9 (7 survived) and some of the other babies weren't inherently so pleasant. Anubis was completely relaxed from when we first met her at 3 and a half (ish) weeks; socialization obviously had nothing to do with it, she's just naturally like that. Oleander, on the other hand, is comfortable with us but he's a complete spaz and doesn't care much for being held, prefers to run around like a little nutter, which is a lot different from the personalities of Datura, Anubis, and Xeno.

Since our mentor is 40 minutes away, we've been lucky in that we've gotten to visit and handle all of our new babies from her at least twice before bringing them home, starting with Archimedes, but that's not the only variable that matters. Archimedes will never be like Anubis, even though he was the only hedgehog we had for months before we got Anubis and Zombie, and he got an excess of socialization. He's a good boy, but he always is a little disgruntled in his own way. Obviously he'd be a lot more grumpy and antisocial if he hadn't gotten the socialization from us, but no amount of socialization is going to make a natural grump into cuddly little lover like some of our others.

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