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Default Re: Hi, I'm thinking about getting a hedgie

As long as you do research in advance and have time to dedicate to daily handling, there's no reason that a cold house would get in the way of being a good owner.

We're located a few hours from you, in Port Orchard, WA. If you happen to come north at any point, feel free to let me know, I'd be happy to have you come visit and get some experience handling our hedgehogs.

To start, you can take a look at the "Hedgehog Care" page on my site, which should give a good overview. http://www.volcanoviewhedgehogs.com/hedgehog-care.html For a more in-depth read, check out LizardGirl's care book: http://www.westcoasthedgehogs.com/files ... nload.html

A CHE setup is the most economical option, and there are little tricks to help heat the cage. Definitely consider the different cage types and sizes - some are easier to heat than others. For the summer, hedgehogs will be fine up to 90 degrees or so, as long as they have plenty of water available. You can do things like put a cold pack on the top of the cage to let the cool air drift down, or give them a floor tile to lay on when they're hot.

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