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Well, I better start on a new cage. Good thing I know what I know what I'm doing now (the first cage was an experiment to say the least). Hopefully she'll like it better than this one. It doesn't seem all that bad since it has a tall solid wall before the wire starts. However, it's been a tough cookie to heat and it's waaaaaay too tall for the Rhody.

I have to say something about my cat again, since he has been a part of this too (though not very willingly). He's still scared of her, and watches the cage (he can't get to it, but he knows it's there), but he seems to have adjusted a bit as well. Treben is not most cuddly of kitties, but he is used to having oodles of attention (since he's been my only pet). I have noticed that whenever I check on Rhododendron, no matter what he was doing, he'll come over to me and do all his cute little antics to get my attention. He is jealous!!! I think that is adorable!

After reading some other rescue stories about not-handled hedgies, I think I'm lucky she's at least doing well in adjusting. She's warming up pretty fast since she calms down after about 7-10 minutes and begins exploring. She isn't very fond of noise (any), but at least she doesn't ball up when we divert her from trying to crawl off us.

Less than a week and I am already seeing improvement in her demeanor. Hopefully a good look from the vet and a nice new cage will help her adjust quickly. I am expecting to keep her, since a month of leaving her be won't be good. She's already grown on me and my husband. He thinks she's adorable (he never seen a hedgie in person either), but isn't too happy about being pooped on.

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