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Default Clark is hitting "awkward and annoying teen years"

Ugh. Clark is being brattier than usual - it seemed like he was actually arguing with me today, as well as a hedgehog can.
He likes his dome and snuggle bag, but when there is a liner down that has not been sewn to prevent liner diving, he sleep under his liner and behind the wheel.
Right now he knows he can burrow under the liner, so after I woke him up to do his morning examination, he decided that's where he wants to go back to sleep.
I tried to convince him the igloo was a better option, knowing that he will use it. Nope.
Then I blocked off the other half of the cage with the wheel on it with my hands and arms. I then spent the better part of ten minutes with him running up and down the length of the barrier huffing and trying to climb over or dig under it. Eventually I just gave up - I'm just going to have to sew this liner next time it's been washed.
I wonder if he would have ever given up and just went to the dome if I had kept at it?
Clark has also started having erections and has no idea what to do with them. Poor boy.
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