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Got an appointment on Wednesday to see the vet, though while talking to him over the phone (he asks tons of questions before taking any exotic animal in so he can grasp the situation better, which I think is good), he said that unless there is anything internal wrong with her, it just sounds like she is malnourished, but he is still going to take a good look at her on Wednesday. We don't eat much meat, but I'm going to buy some burger today so that way she will eat. She hasn't eaten much of anything over the weekend, and at least I have seen her drink water, but no activity what so ever in her cage.
My hubby is concerned more that she is an unexpected addition (I am too and I feel the same way) because I made everything I need for 1 hedgehog, not 2 and making room for 2 (I originally wanted my baby to be housed in our library, but Rhododendron is going to be housed there instead and my baby will be in our bedroom, until summer (when we put our air conditioner in), and then we won't know from there. We're still working on our home (settling in) so even though there is plenty of room, it's just the trouble of making a perfect spot a bit difficult because we don't have many desks/tables/furniture to put the cage on. I don't want to keep it on the floor because of how hard it will be to heat, and I have a cat (who so far is just overtly terrified of Rhody's presence, but I'm not taking any chances).
Yesterday, we took her out before the sun came up (we get up at 4am every day), and let her run around us in a pen. She was very huffy at first, but she soon got very jittery and started to explore like a madman (or madhedge?) It's a good sign she has vigor and is starting to get used to us. She kept crawling all over my husband and he got such a kick out of her biting at his beard (he has a big beard). He hasn't said anything about not wanting 2 hedgehogs (I'll be the main caretaker anyways, so he isn't worried there), it's just so unexpected. However, because she came the family of our best friend (who actually named her in the first place), he has expressed that we should keep her out of the goodwill of friendship (the hedgehog will mean a bit more to us becuase of the connection to our friend) and thus does not want to see her go anywhere else, and I totally agree

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