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It sounds like you've just rescued yourself a little hedgy. Since you can offer heer a much better home I'd say she's pretty much yours now and she sounds adorable. Bet she's loving the fleece pouch since she's never had it so cozy. As for favorites, I have 4 dogs and a cat and honestly, I use to worry about the same thing, but when it comes down to it, there won't be any favorites and you'll just love them differently. Your new baby boy may be the type to enjoy alone time more than this little girl, even though the little girl hasn't been handled much in her past. They're all so different and you just love them for their own personalities. If you do have her for a long perieod of time, it would be best to tell the owners that you'd like full custody of her so that you won't have to worry about her being taken away once you fall in love with her, which you will. Since it's her first bath, she'll probably need her nails trimmed too. I myself have one boy and that's alll I've planned on having...but...if one came about that needed a home, I can't see it being anymore trouble having an extra little one to take care of. Yes, they do need to be handled to keep them sociable, but I've gond days without taking Percy out and he's just as friendly and loving as if I played with him everyday.
Thank you for taking this little one in and giving her a better quality of life. I do hope you keep her.
Oh, photos please!
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