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Default IHR Certificate Fee

I am curious about the International Hedgehog Registry's fee for a registration certificate. I have submitted the registration form via their website for my hedgehog, Truffles. It was filled out correctly and I am simply waiting to hear back. My question is; when should I mail in my payment for my certificate? Do I wait until I hear back and include a peice of paper with my hedgehog's registration number or do I go a head and send it in now? If I send it in now, how do I make sure they know which hedgehog the fee is for? If someone else named their hedgehog Truffles, what should I include so that they know which is the correct Truffles?

Also, is there much difference between the plain and fancy certificate? I would like to know what the difference is before I pay for one or the other.

This is my first time owning a hedgehog and definately my first time registering one. I have registered dogs and horses before, but never online. So I am just a little bit confused on the process. Any help anyone could give me would be really appreciated.
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