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Default Re: "Remodeling" cage at night?

Yeah, that's a good point, too. After I posted and heard back from a few of you, I changed out the litter pan for one that's a little bigger and a little heavier (harder to drag) and that night (2 nights ago) it seemed to work fine, I woke up to a very poopy wheel and litter pan still in place full of runoff. Last night though, I adjusted the wheel a little because it seemed like this new pan wasn't fitting as well under it, and he didn't run at all. I woke up to a spotlessly clean wheel and an empty litter pan (a few poos on the fleece behind the wheel) and near had a panic attack (I know I've only had him for a week but I am already so accustomed to a poo covered wheel!). Should I assume the wheel adjustment was confusing to him? Do you guys think I should adjust it back to how it was before? Or put the only litter pan back? I'm assuming I shouldn't flip out yet because its only been one night, and he still ate his food, but as a new hedge-mom I'm kind of ridiculously paranoid...thanks again for all your help, I'm SO glad I found you all!!
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