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Talking Hibernation Attempt

Styx attempted hibernation about 90 minutes ago when I first took him out of his oatmeal bath (he was recovering from a mite infestation - he's fully recovered from it now). From what I've read I am supposed to hold him next to me on a heating pad until he tries to unroll. While I was holding him I had noticed that he had urinated on my hands so I checked on him yet he still seemed to be unresponsive (besides light breathing and a very slight twitch from me touching him). I put him back in his cage, while I was doing this he let out one huff and curled more tightly into a ball, but then he seemed like he had returned to his unresponsive state again. I set him on a heating pad in the cage with the heat lamp on and he looks like he's sleeping, he doesn't appear to be hibernating, but he's still not fully responsive. He is breathing normally and isn't in as tight of a ball.

Is it possible that he came out of hibernation and directly went to sleep?

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