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Default Re: "Remodeling" cage at night?

I'm wondering if he's moving stuff because they're in the "wrong" place to him or if he's moving it for the sake of moving stuff.

If he's moving it for the sake of moving it around, I'd probably try to pin it down and put things in his cage that are okay to move around. But if he's redecorating because, in his opinion, the litter box should be on the other side of the cage... then, fine, let him have it where he wants it. I mean, he's the one who's living in there... he should have a say about his own room, no? Perhaps, try starting off a few nights with things arranged in his cage in a way he seems to want it... put the litter box over by the igloo on purpose... and see if it stays there. You can always put down a wheel mat (ie, fleece remnant... like of like a doormat in human houses) or two to catch the stuff that's coming off the wheel.
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