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Default "Remodeling" cage at night?

Hi everyone, I have been lurking on the forum for a while as I prepared my setup for my new little guy (first ever hedgie experience, just got him 4 days ago, he's about 8 weeks). I set up a c&c cage with fleece liners, and for two nights everything was great--he did all of his pooping on the wheel, caught by a litter pan underneath, easy cleanup by rinsing the wheel and changing out paper towels in the pan. The last two nights, he has been throwing a hedgie party in there, and I don't mind some minor remodeling, except that he is pulling his whole litter pan (aluminum baking sheet with paper towels) to the other side of his cage, over by his igloo. It is a carolina storm wheel, so i have the pan kind of wedged between the two extending feet out front. It seems like he's doing some wheel running before moving the pan, because it still has some pee and poop in it when I find it on the other side of the cage, but then he is running again after moving the pan, and I'm sure you can imagine what that looks like on the fleece in front of the wheel...

So, I have been thinking about solutions so he can't move the pan, and I won't have to deal with "runoff" on the fleece liner, and won't have to change it out every single day (he is otherwise pretty neat, and doesn't seem to be making a mess anywhere else). Can anyone give me input on any of these ideas? Or suggest something better?

Idea 1- put sticky Velcro on the bottom of the pan, so it kind of grabs the fleece and he can't slide the pan very easily. Will that work? If he flips it over somehow, would the pointy Velcro hurt his feet?

Idea 2- get something heavier, like a ceramic dish/plate that is harder to push. Again, if he does manage to shove it, could it squish him? I can't imagine that he could flip it over and crush himself or something, but it does kind of seem like he's a little ninja-- so who knows...

If it turns out that nothing will work, I will cave and change the liner every day, just looking for simpler solutions first. Any input from all you experienced folks would be wonderful! Thank you!!

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