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Default Re: Should I get a hedgehog?


Sounds like you've already started doing research. Definitely keep at it - this forum has a ton of great information if you just browse through the various posts, and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

LizardGirl's book is great. You can take a look at my site as well - my "hedgehog care" page is basically an abridged version of the same info, and the supplies list should help as a guideline for the necessities as well as other accessories.


For food, a mix of high quality dry cat foods is definitely best. Royal Canin isn't what I'd call high quality, though - it tends to have fillers and is way overpriced for being just "decent" quality. Here's a fairly complete list of cat foods that are recommended for hedgehogs: http://www.volcanoviewhedgehogs.com/kib ... oduce.html

The food mix we use and sell contains 7 foods and 4 protein sources. That's a bit overkill to make on your own for one hedgehog, but a mix of 2-3 is ideal, and I suggest having at least one that's a non-chicken protein, for some added variety.

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