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His nose is wet, but isn't dripping, and he doesn't lick it too often. Nor is the area around his eyes as red as before. He's also not really sneezing. It's probably just snuffling.
But the moment he wakes up in his little hut, I can hear him making that noise. It's almost like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efg9T2JkglE
'cept it's snuffling. I've read somewhere that hedgehogs sort of make that noise when exploring. He just makes it very often.
I have trouble finding the right kind of word for the noise he makes. My mother isn't too worried about it, but I haven't owned a hedgehog before. So it's hard to say what kind of noises they are supposed to make. :/
He's my first hedgehog, and I'm probably just worrying too much.

I'll fill the water bottle back up. It's over 3/4 full, but I think extra pressure will help. And I check it often to make sure water's coming out. I just think he likes to chew and tug on metal. I have no idea why, but he does it. I'll keep watch on him and if he keeps chewing like he does, I'll try the bowl again.
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