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That makes me feel a little better...
But Axel is a bit of a chewer. Anything 'metal' he loves to chew; like zippers, my ring, and even the water bottle's nozzle. That's kind of what worries me, and I'm not sure how much water he's actually drinking.
I don't like the thought of a bowl though. He likes to sit in his food bowl, and I'm sure he'd try sitting in the water one cause he's silly...
I've only seen him just 'tap' the nozzle with his tongue a few times, other times he's biting and pulling like crazy. Hopefully he'll stop soon and learn to use the bottle, otherwise I'll have to try the bowl again.
I was just concerned about the bottle mostly because I read that sometimes hedgehogs will get water in their noses and it causes them to get colds and such. Axel tends to make 'sneezing' sounds...almost like sniffly wheezing and talking. I can't tell if it's normal or because he's got a cold. I'm saving up to take him to a vet, because I just don't have the money right now as a student without a job. :c
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