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Default Re: Pet stores. please read!

I was on Kijij which is a site to buy used items off of, and generally people sell pretty cool things on there and I've gotten a lot of ideas for my hedgie because of what I find. I even bought my hedgie Winston off a breeder on there. I put in a search under animal accessories for hedgehogs and a pet store popped up approximately half an hour from where I live. Their add was, buy a hedgehog today and you get everything it needs for $200!

The items were:

The smallest cage possible
A wired wheel
Hedgehog food

I emailed the owner of this store, explaining that his customers would rely on the information he gave them and that the cage was too small, the wheel was dangerous send them to petsmart and forget about your business so they can at least by the flying saucer wheel, the shavings he was selling cause so many different illnesses when you can just buy a nice big fleece blanket to line the cage and re use it, and that hedgehog food is like the movie super size me hedgehog style, and that he was selling all of this as "everything you need" yet where was the heat source? the lighting? Point blank pet stores are horrible places, but if you see them abusing an animal like that, say something. This man deleted the add right away and I told him I would visit the store if I had to. Maybe doing that changed one hedgies life? But it was worth it.

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