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Default Re: My hedgie isn't drinking much? Or eating?

That sounds like a good idea. Some other things you could check before you go to the appointment - check how long you've had the food, as they can start eating less if the food is stale, and that may have sparked the other decreases as well. If you want to check for possible mouth issues, try offering her a variety of choices - bowl of normal food, bowl of crushed, bowl of dampened food, and maybe some baby food or wet cat food. See if she eats more with having more choices, and which ones she tries. If she goes for the softer choices, she might have a tooth or mouth issue that needs to be checked out. If she still doesn't eat much of anything, it might be harder to figure out what's going on. Good luck and I hope you guys get it figured out! Please keep us updated, too. I would say that perhaps she's just starting to slow down in her consumption, with getting a bit older, but the decrease in activity makes me worry it might be something else instead.
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