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Default My hedgie isn't drinking much? Or eating?

Hi guys..sorry, I didn't know whether to put this in health or diet/nutrition. But...

I've had Hannibell five weeks now and she's been absolutely amazing, but in the past few days I've started to get kind of worried about her. Normally she runs like crazy on her wheel, and she drinks enough to the point where I have to set an alarm to refill her waterbowl during the night, and she usually eats a good amount of the bowl I put out for her. In the past few days however, I've noticed she hasn't been drinking as much at all. For experiments sake I left her water alone and it took three days for me to need to refill it, and there's hardly any food gone from her bowl at all as well. She runs on her wheel a bit, but not a whole lot.

Everything has stayed the same; her enclosure is kept at a stable 76-78 degrees and she's got a pretty stable light schedule. The only thing that's changed is that during the day when I handle her for a little while, I supplement her diet with a little bit of baby food, so she eats while I'm handling her, but that's not a very long time, nowhere near long enough to take away her appetite during the night. I have noticed however that she's losing a few more quills than normal now; is it possible that this would be a side effect of quilling? Does anyone else have any ideas as to what might be wrong with her? I'm really worried, especially about her not drinking much.
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