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I have the exact same cage and love it! Eventually I joined another cage similar with a pvc tube so that my boy had more room. A sleeping room and a play room, but he would have been fine in just the one. It's really easy to clean. Just pop the top off and use it to put your hedgehog in while you clean the bottom.
If your willing to take the time for a hedgehog they do make the best pets. There are days I can't take Percy out as I'm too busy, but he likes being alone alot, so that's ok. Some are more friendly than other's, so you have to prepare for any type of personality that you may get as they change so much as they grow, go through quilling stages, and have good day's, and huffy days. I find them very clean pets if you keep up with the cage.
Other's will help you out with the food as I have only tried three mixes of cat food. Blue Buffalo, Nutrisource grain free, and I add Special kitty as a low fat small part mix. Most love the additional mealie worm and cricket.
I think going through as many threads on this site will help you decide if a hedgy is right for you.
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