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Smile Should I get a hedgehog?

I've been looking into hedgehogs recently, but I'm not sure if I should get one or not. If I would get one, I'd get one from a breeder about an hour and 50 minutes away from where I live. I want to learn more about hedgehogs, and how they act. Do they enjoy human interaction? What kind of cages do they need? Is this one suitable?

http://www.amazon.com/Super-Pet-First-H ... roduct_top

Would a mixture of dry cat food be best for their health? I've heard that Royal Canin is pretty good for hedgehogs. What other supplies (besides a food dish, water dish, bedding/fleece, and a wheel) does a hedgehog need?

I am willing to take the time to tame and bond with the hedgie, and provide him/her with what s/he needs. I understand that when you first get a pet, s/he will be really shy and scared.

All help is appreciated! Thank you. :3
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