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Welcome. I wanted to let you know that the giant comfort wheel is a good wheel I have it for Sonic if you take a piece of fleece and tie it on the back of the wheel where it turns it helps the wheel not make noise and it is still able to turn easily. The food I feed Sonic is innova senior cat food and Simply Nourish indoor cat turkey and oatmeal. the total protein is 35% and the fat is 11% so its a good balance with the two food. I had someone tell me that it is better to have two or more foods combined because in case a company changes the recipe or discontinues a food that you use and you will not have to freak out on trying to find a new food right away with two or more brands of food as you would if you were just feeding one brand. you will find alot of good information here like I have I have only had my hedgie Sonic for 6 months and I have learned a ton of information.
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