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I do not think he is necessarily sleeping too late. Ours sleeps fairly late, too, though we do play with her daily. She was rescued from a care center as she had been neglected, abused and abandoned. She was not the friendliest little thin when I went to visit her but that tough exterior melted when my son, a Steve Irwin type, first handled her. So, we do try to play w/ her daily to keep her as sweet and tame as she became in his arms. I have three young sons (just turned 9, almost 7, almost 5) who love her and have to accept that she is nocturnal. She is estimated to be 1.5 yrs.

Be sure Steve is active at night - is there evidence he is using his wheel? If food and waste seem OK, I wouldn't worry. I would try to handle him about 30 min. per day. As mentioned above, if he wants to sleep on your lap, that's OK. We use a couple of mealworms or bananas to wake up "Spikerina" and she rarely balls up for us. I think she knows treats are coming when we go in for our play time!

Good luck.
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