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Default Re: Pet stores. please read!

I got Harper at a Pet Store, unfortunately. I was going to make the trip up to Manning for one (like 7 hour drive haha) but she is taking a break from breeding and I only recently found out about the breeder south of me in Calgary.

The people at the store were terrible. She was in a fish tank which was really dirty. She was in a group of 3- the other two had sold the previous day so she was lucky to only be there 2 days, and I'm grateful that she is so healthy, loving, and friendly.

They tried to get me to buy a metal wheel with gaps that was much too small, the wrong bedding, and on and on. They didn't even have all the things she needed. They forced me to buy there what they considered to be "the absolute minimum" poor bedding, a ceramic dish that is STILL too big for her (let alone at 5 weeks old),the cage, their junky cat food, and a ball that she never plays with.

I ended up having to go to 4 more pet stores to piece together everything she needed that day- lesson learned: get it before. There aren't any stores here that really carry "hedgehog" things- No one else sells them, so anytime I want something it's a hunt and creative looking.
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