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Default Re: Help please.. Possible hibernation?

Yes, it was a hibernation attempt - 67 is way too cold for a hedgehog. You need to have a talk with your parents and find a way to make sure her cage is staying at least 73 degrees while you're home, or you're going to end up with a sick hedgehog. Do you have a heating set up for her cage? If you don't and your parents are unwilling to turn the house heat up to 73 for her, you'll need to get something ASAP, either a space heater or a CHE set up. A heating pad won't be enough to heat the entire cage, so you need to make sure it's one of those two options if you need to go out and get something. Keep a close eye on her for a few days as well - they're more likely to attempt hibernation again after doing so once, so the temperature really needs to be warmer, and it needs to stay steady.
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