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Default Re: Pet stores. please read!

The guys that run our local, and only Petshop, seem to mean well but when they brought in the Hedgies they had them in the cheapest bedding, without a wheel, on cheap food and not even an igloo to snuggle in, they had four of them all in the same cage and the poor things where huddled together for warmth. I know one of the owners has his own Hedgie at home and it breaks his heart to see them like that but the owner won't let them spend more on what he calls 'temporary housing'. I've been sorely tempted to offer to make fleece liners and bags for them for free just cos I hate seeing them like that, they must be freezing cold.

I got my little guy from this pet shop and I'm glad I could give him a great home, but i can't help but worry about the homes the other little guys have gone to, the pet shop owner gave me all the wrong bedding and not the best advice, didn't have a clue about his age or parentage and didn't even know what Wobbly Hedgehog was. It's only through lots of research that I've made the set up i've got for him now and I still feel like I could do more, but I worry that the other Hedgies are being treated like prickly hamsters by owners who couldn't be bothered to learn.
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