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Default Re: Pet stores. please read!

I agree - but i used to work at a petsmart in high school and yes with no guidance they housed reptiles and small animals on the wrong bedding/substrate. we had guinea pigs with scurvy, skinks dropping dead left and right and frogs getting sick and dying, aggressive iguanas... you name it. I got switched from register to that part of the store "aquatics" i think it was called because its all grouped in. ( this was over 10 YEARS ago mind you) i immediately went to work moving iguanas into new cages breaking up alphas from submissive lizards and putting sand skinks on the right substrate. if i didn't know i found out and made them follow their own care sheets. Any time i let the manager know they did something about it - they might not care as much as us (being animal lovers) but from a profit perspective they want to sell an animal and they cant sell it if its sick and it they do sell it sick and have to replace it that's money out of their pocket. I even made them take a frog to the vet one time. lol So yeah if you are a little pushy in the right kind of way they will clean up their act - and all it takes is ONE employee to care. I was that one employee and it got contagious and then when others saw it wasn't much work to do it the RIGHT way - they did it to and we had a whole store of healthy animals. minus the ones we got in sick from shipments... which was ALOT! the places they order animals from is usually half the problem. We got a bird with a broken wing once too... it was horrible!! Also made them take that one to the vet to this day that is the only parakeet i have ever had sit on my finger and be friendly lol

so yeah Half the time its not that they as a coorporation DONT know - its that they dont train their employees or no one takes the time to care to find out, they just do what is told to them which is usually guessed or bad info.

I would try and tell an employee in a nice non condescending way obviously and then ask if you can speak with an manager. I have had them listen before.
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