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I agree. But you see I'm a sucker and caved and made my parents drive me back to the pet store I bought Dallas from. I bought him and he's amazing, he was on pine, had mites, and was eating ferret food and drinking from... There actually wasn't any. He was so scared, I actually went up and asked about him the second time I was there, and I asked if I could see him, they led me through a door, he was in a fishtank sort of cage, no ventilation because there was cages going up too, and I picked him up out of the bedding and he peeked out at me and that was it. He had a cut on his leg and was so scared ( he had only been there one night and hadn't eaten much) he was skinny and it was horrible.

The worst part was, when I was back there... There was a tank full of dead animals, mice rats etc but I was appalled. They didn't sell snakes so they weren't snake food.


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