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Talking Pet stores. please read!

Hi guys! So I know that most of you reading this will probably already know this, but this is for the people who don't. Pet stores are not nice places run by nice people who know everything there is to know about animals and love them to pieces. Privately owned ones, sure, and I don't want to give a bad rep to those because I have seen some great ones. But the big chain pet stores...they are disgusting. The puppies in those tiny little cages all lying in their own excrement. It is horrible and inhumane. I only really started thinking about this when/after I started doing TONES of research on hedgehogs, and knew pretty much everything about their requirements in their cage and their food and space requirements and all, every thing hedgehog owners do, and need to know. I went to the PJ'S PETS store on my street to look for some of that blue buffalo food for my hedgie. this was about a week before I got him. I was looking around and there wasn't any food, so I just peeked in at the animals. I noticed that there was a hedgehog! I would have bought him then and there, but I had already put a baby on hold from a breeder, and my mother would murder me. This hedgehog was full grown. In his cage, there was an igloo, a water bottle, and a food bowl. I asked one of the workers what kind of bedding and food the hedgie had (pretending like I was going to buy him), and the guy said, 'we use a mix of cedar and pine bedding, and we feed him hedgehog food." I said thank you and left. I was really mad. 1st of all, you CAN NOT use cedar bedding for hedgehogs! 2nd, there was no wheel!!!!!!!!3rd, you should NOT feed a hedgehog hedgehog food, and 4th, the cage was about 1.5x1 feet. The guy also said that the hedgehog was about ten weeks old. I had been to the breeder to give her my deposit on the baby, an I had seen what a ten week old hedgehog looks like. I had seen what a full grown hedgehog looks like, and this hedgehog was over one year. As it would anyone who loves animals, this made me so mad! Ever since then, I have noticed more and more how cruel pet shops are to animals. It sickens me to know that animals are treated in this way. I think that every one should research an animal you know they have at a pet store, and go to the pet store to see if it meets the requirements of the animals. We should really raise awareness about these poor little animals! no one really notices, but if you know what an animal needs, you will see that those needs are not being met. thank you for reading this.

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