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There's a chance that it's mites, but dry skin is the first thing to rule out. Another problem with things like shavings is that it can be drying as well. If you start to see excessive quill loss with bald patches, or if the itching keeps up after trying dry skin remedies, then you should get him treated for mites (ask for Revolution). I really suggest switching to liners even if he doesn't have mites this time around. Most hedgehogs that are kept on shavings/substrate will have mites at least once in their life, because they can be harbored in that kind of bedding when you buy it from the store. Shavings also can cause allergies, dry skin, and respiratory irritation from the dust. Pieces of shavings can get lodged in a male's penile sheath. Liners also cost less in the long run because you wash and reuse them, and you don't have to constantly buy more bedding.

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