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Default Lots of sleeping and not using his wheel?

I have had my hedgehog about 8 weeks now he about ten weeks old. I have a wheel in his cage but he has no touched it. He only tries to go under it to try to sleep. I have tried to put him on the wheel so that he knows what to do but he just sits there and looks at me like I am crazy. Is there anything else i can do? Is it because he is so young still that all he wants to do is sleep. The only time he comes out is to eat and then he goes right back inside of his castle to find a place to pass right back out? He has been sick with a sinus infection, the vet prescribed him some meds that he has been taking and it seems to be clearing up a bit finally. Is he not using the wheel and sleeping all the time from sickness? From being young? Bored? any advice would be appreciated thanks!
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