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Default Blood in Urine/Dark Urine?

About 6 months ago Monsieur had a bladder infection. He was treated and the urine seemed to clear up and be fine.

About a month ago I noticed the urine go dark, not quite blood but like it was darker on the edges of where he peed. I decided if it didn't clear up I'd take him to the vet. Well it didn't go on more than a day or so and went back to normal so I figured he was fine.

Last night it looks like bonafide blood in the urine, or just really dark edges. Like (forgive the over share here) on his paper towel he peed 3 times: biggest puddle was normal, middling puddle was normal, then the final one was very tiny and looked very dark on the edges.

I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow but what should I ask for/look for?
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