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Default Re: Bedding: carefresh, paper towel, other?

Most people on here prefer fleece or fabric liners because they have so many positives as compared to wood or particle beddings - they don't get everywhere, they don't introduce mites, they have much less risk of causing allergies, they don't get caught in sensitive areas, and they're reusable so you don't have to keep buying more bedding. However, they might cause a couple issues for you if your mom's concerned about smell - they're not the best for controlling odor (but there are other ways to help with that, such as an open box of baking soda by the cage and an air purifier in the room, and keeping the wheel/litterbox clean) and you'd have to wash them in the washing machine, which she may have a problem with. Something you can suggest to help with that is shake the liners off outside and get as much stuff off as possible (it's usually pretty easy to pick pieces of poop off and "crumbs" are easy to shake or brush off outside. You'll also want to check over for quills, too) before washing them, wash a load of liners, and then run the washer again with nothing in it to rinse it out before washing normal clothes in it.

They really are the best option as far as healthiness for the hogs, but they don't always work for everyone. If your mom is against liners because of odor or having to wash them, your best bet for bedding is probably Carefresh. It's a paper bedding and it doesn't often get caught in private places, but you do have to freeze it before using to lower the chances of mites, and it may dry your hedgie's skin out. I would still say it's probably the best particle bedding you can get though, as far as I know.

Hedgehogs don't need/usually won't use chews or anything like that. They're not rodents, and their teeth don't continuously grow. Their teeth also won't grow back if broken or lost (the adult teeth anyway, they do lose baby teeth), so it's best not to encourage them to chew anything hard.
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