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the last vet i had to take him to was emergency and they didnt have an exotic pet vet there. So she just gave me antibiotics and a quick over look. I had to make an appointment for him today with an exotic because i have to see whats wrong with the lil guy. His tummy is in bad shape maybe it could be even his food. As for his behaviour over all you can tell he is in some discomfort. He wants nothing more then to hide and sleep all day and night ( and notlet me cut his nails or bath him) though he needs it because he has poop smeared everywhere in his cage. I will definently speak to the vet about a payment plan and see if it is an option. And i belive there is a local food bank right near my apartment. The goal of today is get Preston on theright track, get him out of pain and discomfort. I just hope the vet sees i am giving up a lot of things to ensure Preston is well and maybe i can catch a break!:P

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